FitTest Solutions™ combines evidence-based tests with clinical expertise to provide the most comprehensive and flexible fitness assessment tool available for PT's today.  It is an easily accessible, user-friendly and comprehensive web-based application allows PT’s to prescribe exercise in a way that takes into account psychosocial, movement quality,  injury risk barriers while  specifying intensity, duration, and frequency to make real changes in health.

CAPTE requires education and training in prevention, health promotion, fitness, and wellness. FitTESTSolutions™  can immediately answer the call to develop a standardized approach to developing and delivering culturally competent physical therapy services for prevention, health promotion, fitness, and wellness to individuals, groups, and communities.

Benefits for students and/or faculty practice - Solution for Standardized Objective Wellness Exam within a faculty practice or for a community wellness outreach. 

1. Readily implemented lab experiences to support fitness, wellness, and basic PT evaluation and treatment  curriculum from day one through completion of their academic path. FitTest™ connects the dots between exercise physiology, cardiopulmonary physical therapy and prevention and wellness by providing:

  • Annual Physical Therapy Examinations for primary and secondary prevention
  • Customized exams for individuals, groups, & communities – a wonderful way to get students involved with various groups for wellness assessments/exercise prescription/follow-ups
  • Serves as the foundation for any health/wellness course with a wide variety of tests and measures that best fit your students’ and/or curricular needs
  • Clients with data for their Medicare Annual Wellness Visit – which allows collaboration with local physicians for clients with pre-diabetes, hypertension, overweight/obesity or healthy elderly populations
2. Provides access to large de-identified data sets for academic research in health promotion, prevention, and wellness.

Click here to review the product features. Cost to the student is $25/year, which is billed to the academic program by cohort.

For more information please contact Gwynn Hegyi via email: or telephone:1‐877‐456‐0205.